How Can We Keep Costs Low?

  • Get healthy!  Join U-SHARE and find out about how to harness prevention and wellness strategies and resources for your community.

  • Tell your legislators to eliminate fraud, abuse, and waste in the health care system.  For example, insurance companies should have to answer to someone for raising your premiums while making record profits. Join
    and help us fight for a strong rate-review process.

  • There are all sorts of proven cost containment measures and resources built in to the federal health reform law (the ACA).  Help us educate our policy-makers about how to take advantage of these and other ways to control health care costs.

  • Do you own a small business?  Utah’s Health Exchange hasn’t lowered health insurance costs for you yet.  Tell your legislator that the Exchange should include proven cost controls, like  risk pooling, seamless integration with public programs, and inclusion of the individual market. Tell U-SHARE your small business story: Do you provide health insurance for your employees? Can you afford it?

  • Utah is reforming its Medicaid program to save money and increase quality.  Join U-SHARE and keep up to date—let’s apply lessons from Utah’s Medicaid reform to system-wide payment and delivery system reforms. 


Guides to Implementing State and Federal Health Reforms
All Utah residents should have access to affordable, quality healthcare.
What can we do?
The cost of healthcare is too high and should be contained. How?
Our health system must be transparent and accountable. The healthcare system should answer to us!
Policy makers and the people they represent need to know what state and federal health reform is, and how it affects them. You can help educate others!

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