Help Improve Quality & Access

  • Tell your legislator that Utah needs to develop and use affordability standards that limit how much of an individual’s or family’s income can be spent on all out-of-pocket health care spending. Health care costs are out of control!

  • Join U-SHARE and help us find out if there are enough primary care providers in Utah. Everyone in Utah should have access to a medical home.  We need to make sure there are enough family doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to serve everyone in Utah.

  • Tell U-SHARE your health care story: Can your family afford health insurance premiums?  Are your costs going up?  Utah’s leaders need to make sure that low- and moderate- income families get the help they need to pay their health insurance premiums.

  • Urge your legislators to fully fund public programs and enroll all eligible Utahns who are  not covered by private health insurance.  No-one should go without health insurance, and no-one should have to call the emergency room their medical home!


Guides to Implementing State and Federal Health Reforms
All Utah residents should have access to affordable, quality healthcare.
What can we do?
The cost of healthcare is too high and should be contained. How?
Our health system must be transparent and accountable. The healthcare system should answer to us!
Policy makers and the people they represent need to know what state and federal health reform is, and how it affects them. You can help educate others!

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